Get your own Entoform!

To start your own collection, or buy a single Entoform please send an e-mail to:


  • Boxes/ammounts
    Boxes come in either a wood or black finish and house one, four or six Entoforms. Custom boxes, and even entire cabinets can be created for specific collections.
  • Pricing
    Prices vary depending on what you want. Please do feel free to e-mail. A quote will be created just for you.
  • Materials
    Entoforms are available in many materials. From the basic coloured or white to more exotic, Stainless steel, Sterling silver, Bronze, Glass & Gold! The more exotic forms are rarer and thus also more expensive.
  • Limited issue
    All Entoforms are one-off, unique collectable art prints. Each boxed Entoform is boxed, numbered, and signed by macouno.